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  • EP19 Electric Driven Axle

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    GVW: 19000kg
    Rating load: 13000kg
    Rim installing distance: 1837mm
    Air bag installing: left and right1510xfront and rear 1490xup213
    Bumper installing: left and right1928xfront and rear1465xup236.5
    Upper thrust level installing: left and right 980xfront192.5xupper89/ 114
    Lower thrust level installing: left and right 189.8xfront 161.4xlower215x60°
    Motor voltage: 650/576V
    Motor peak/Rating power: 150/95kw; 130/70kw
    Motor peak/Rating torque: 550/275N.m; 450/225N.m
    Max./Rating speed: 12000/3300rpm; 10000/3300rpm;
    Ratio: 20.05
    Brake type/ spec: Air disc brake/ 22.5 inch

      dana-axle-ep19c Dongfeng-DANA EP19 Electric Driven Axle

    Dongfeng-DANA EP19 Electric Driven Axle

    EP-Axle19 Wheel side motor drive bridge

    This series of products adhere to the “innovation drive, lead the future” R & D concept, set “motor, drive shaft, drive bridge” as a whole, for the low floor pure electric bus tailor-made.

    Application market: 10-12 m low-floor pure electric bus

    Product advantage:

    1.Easy to arrange, completely interchangeable with mainstream manufacturers’ product interface size, realize low-floor configuration, It is 20-70mm wider than domestic competitive product channel.

    2. High economy: the comprehensive efficiency of the transmission system is improved by 1%, the weight of the system is reduced by more than 100kg, and the endurance mileage is effectively improved.

    3.High comfort: cab noise does not exceed 68db, bringing users a more enjoyable driving experience

    4.Low maintenance cost: axle assembly quality assurance for 5 years or 200000 kilometers, free maintenance wheel end, higher attendance rate, lower maintenance cost.

    Bus Model GVW(kg) Rating load(kg) Rim distance(mm) Suspension type/ Spring distance(mm) Motor voltage(v)
    EP5 4500 3500 1557 952 380
    EP6 6000 3500 1596/ 1574/ 1480 850/ 952 /912 540/ 360
    EP13 13500 8500 1832 980 380
    EP19 19000 13000 1837 650/ 576
    Air bag installing Bumper installing
    left and right 1510xfront and rear 1499xupper213 left and right 1928xfrong and rear 1465xupper236.5
    Bus Model Motor peak/ Rating power Motor peak/ Rating torque Max/ Rating speed(rpm) Ratio Brake spec Bridge package diameter(mm)
    EP5 140(60s)/ 60Kw 350(60s)/ 135N.m 12000/4224 15.58 Oil brake D310x90mm
    Air brake D310x100mm
    EP6 130/60kW; 135/57kW 350/136N.m; 310/136N.m 12000/400 16.58 Air brake disc/ 16inch
    Air brake drum/ D310x100mm
    Oil brake drum/ D310x75mm
    EP13 150/80kW 650/230N.m 10000/3400 19.89 Air brake disc/drum 390
    EP19 150/ 95kW
    550/275N.m; 450/225N.m 12000/3300 10000/300 20.05 Air brake disc/ 22.5inch
    Upper thrust level installing Lower thrust level installing
    left and right 980xfront 192.5xupper89/114 left and right 189.8xfront 161.4xlower215x60°
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