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  • EP5 Electric Driven Axle

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    GVW: 4500kg
    Rating load: 3500kg
    Rim installing distance: 1557mm
    Suspension type/ Spring distance: 952mm
    Motor voltage: 380V
    Motor peak/Rating power: 140(60s)/60kw
    Motor peak/Rating torque: 350(60s)/135N.m
    Max./Rating speed: 12000/4224
    Ratio: 15.58
    Service brake spec: Oil brake D310x90mm/     Air brake D310x100mm
    Parking brake spec: D178x35mm

    dana-axle-ep5 Dongfeng-DANA EP5 Electric Driven Axle

    Dongfeng-DANA EP5 Electric Driven Axle

    EP-Axle 5

    EP5 is a new fully developed product by Dongdeng DANA, adopt external  hanging motor, integration of motor and axle retarder, driving smoothly, strong power and reliable.

    Applied to:

    1.Pure electronic logistic truck.

    2. Sanitation vehicle

    Product advantages:

    1.Convenient layout, high integration of transmission system, effective release of chassis space

    2.High economy: the comprehensive efficiency of the transmission system is 2% higher than that of the traditional direct drive, the weight loss of the system is more than 60kg, and the reverse torque is 100%. The mileage of the transmission system is significantly increased.

    3.High comfort: cab noise does not exceed 70db, bringing users a more enjoyable driving experience

    4.Low maintenance cost: mechanical differential, stable and reliable performance. The quality assurance of axle assembly is 5 years or 200000 kilometers, the interval between main oil reduction and oil exchange is 100000 kilometers, the attendance rate is higher, and the cost of repair and maintenance is lower.

    Bus Model GVW(kg) Rating load(kg) Rim distance(mm) Suspension type/ Spring distance(mm) Motor voltage(v)
    EP5 4500 3500 1557 952 380
    EP6 6000 3500 1596/ 1574/ 1480 850/ 952 /912 540/ 360
    EP13 13500 8500 1832 980 380
    EP19 19000 13000 1837 650/ 576
    Air bag installing Bumper installing
    left and right 1510xfront and rear 1499xupper213 left and right 1928xfrong and rear 1465xupper236.5
    Bus Model Motor peak/ Rating power Motor peak/ Rating torque Max/ Rating speed(rpm) Ratio Brake spec Bridge package diameter(mm)
    EP5 140(60s)/ 60Kw 350(60s)/ 135N.m 12000/4224 15.58 Oil brake D310x90mm
    Air brake D310x100mm
    EP6 130/60kW; 135/57kW 350/136N.m; 310/136N.m 12000/400 16.58 Air brake disc/ 16inch
    Air brake drum/ D310x100mm
    Oil brake drum/ D310x75mm
    EP13 150/80kW 650/230N.m 10000/3400 19.89 Air brake disc/drum 390
    EP19 150/ 95kW
    550/275N.m; 450/225N.m 12000/3300 10000/300 20.05 Air brake disc/ 22.5inch
    Upper thrust level installing Lower thrust level installing
    left and right 980xfront 192.5xupper89/114 left and right 189.8xfront 161.4xlower215x60°
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