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    Rating load: 7500kg
    Tread: 2066mm
    Main selling center: 1810mm
    Center distance of air bag: 1266mm
    Max.inner/ outer wheel angle: 53°/47°
    Brake spec: left pneumatic disc type 22.5″
    Wheel bolt distribution circle: D335mm(stop position)
    GAW: 595kg

    Dana-axle-IFS75   Dongfeng-DANA Star Products Axle IFS75

    DongfengDANA Star Products Axle IFS75

    This product is the first single suspension bridge developed by Dongfeng Dana. The lightweight structure design and steering ladder matching optimization greatly reduce the quality under the spring and make the whole vehicle run more smoothly.

    1. Applicable model: 11 -12 m large road bus.

    2. Product advantage

    a. Lightweight: using lightweight structure design and low density material molding, lighter weight;

    b. comfort: lower quality under spring, driving comfort replacement, using imported shock absorber and airbag, optimize rubber ball hinge stiffness, through characteristic curve verification, real suspension stiffness, damping more reasonable matching, vehicle ride comfort;

    c.safe and reliable: using integral upper and lower arms, suspension k&c characteristic simulation optimization, the first K&C bench verification in China. Product is reliable. Optimizing the position of breakpoint ensures that the Ackermann deviation of the rotation angle in the whole region is smaller, the steering is more accurate, and the driving at high speed is safer. The four-wheel positioning parameters of suspension are more reasonable, and the control stability of the whole vehicle is better.

    Bus Model

    Load (kg)

    Max. output torque (N.m)

    Tread (mm)

    Spring distance (mm)

    Brake (Drum)

    Brake (Disc)


    6000/ 7000/ 8000 20000













    440 2×10000 35000





    P1301 11000/ 13000 35000




    Bus Model Tyre bolt Max. impact torque Ratio range Lubrication
    350 3.07-6.14 Oil lubricarion, FAG, COMENT
    440 2.56-4.10 Oil lubricarion, grease lubrication, FAG, &COMENT maintenance-free wheel-end
    P1301 10-M22x1.5/ D335mm 46000 2.68-7.17 ABS, auto-regulation arm, LMS wheel-end, disc brake
    Bus Model GAW Axle housing Tread

    Spring distance (mm)

    Brake spec

    Wheel PCD


    8T Welding 1840 1030 (980min) Disc brake 19.5″ D275
    1800 1030 (980min) Drum brake D400x180
    Casting 1800 1030
    7T Welding 1840 1030 (980min) Disc brake 19.5″
    1800 1030 (980min) Drum brake D400x180
    Casting 1800 1030
    1700 1008
    6T Welding 1720 1010 (940min) Drum brake D400x155 D275
    1650 952 (940min)
    Casting 1680 952 Drum brake D360x160
    1640 952 Drum brake D310x150 D222.5
    GAW Suspension Vehicle model Ratio range Optional configuration
    8T Leaf spring/ Air spring 8-9m 3.91-6.33 ABS, auto-regulation arm. LMS wheel-end, disc brake
    7T 7.5-8m
    6T 7-7.5m
    Low-floor Front axle Rating load Fall of I-beam Tread Max. angle Brake spec Air chamber spec
    7.5T 75+ 130mm 2101 Inner 55°, Outer 40° 22.5 disc brake 20″
    Interface dimension Tyre bolt Tyre Optional configuration Rim Door distance
    M16x1.5 10-M22 x1.5/ D335mm 8.25×22.5 ABS, auto-regulation arm. LMS wheel-end, disc brake 70R22.5 900m
    Low-floor rear axle Rating load GVW Tread Max. perm traction power Max. perm retarder power Permissible input revolution
    13T 28000 1836mm 260kW 353kW 3000/Min
    Ratio Tyre bolt Brake Optional configuration Tyre/ rim/ rim center distance Door distance
    6.15 10-M22 x1.5/ D335mm 22.5″ Disc brake ABS, auto-regulation arm. LMS wheel-end, disc brake 275/ 70; 7.5; 330
    295/80; 8.25; 327
    305/ 70; 8.25; 335
    S310 Structure Rating load (kg) Tread (mm) Spring distance (mm) Max. output torque (N.m) Brake spec
    S310-4.2T Air brake Welding housing 4200 1525 920 11000 D310x120
    S310-4.2T Oil brake Welding housing 4200 1525 920 11000 D310x120 hydraulic
    S310-5.5T Air brake Welding housing 5500 1630 952 15000 D310x150
    S310-6.5T Air brake Welding housing 6500 1680 1002 15000 D310x150 D360x160
    Seam allowance of rim installing (mm? Tyre bolt circle(mm) Tyre Optional configuration Rim Ratio
    S310-4.2T Air brake D163 D222.25 7.00-16 ABS, auto-regulation arm. LMS wheel-end, disc brake 5.5F-16 3.07- 6.50
    S310-4.2T Oil brake 5.5F-16
    S310-5.5T Oil brake 5.5F-16
    S310-6.5T Air brake 6.5-16
    285 Load(kg) Basic structure Brake structure Brake spec Wheel track(mm? Max. output torque
    285-2.5T steering 2500 I-beam Oil
    285 driven axle 3000/ 4000 Welding axle housing Oil brake D310x90mm
    1546-1464 9000
    Tyre bolt Bolt circle diameter Tyre spec Rim Ratio Remark
    285-2.5T steering 5-M18 D203.2mm 7.00R15 5.5F-15 3.07/ 4.11/ 4.88/ 5.29/ 5.71/ 6.14 Disc brake, ABS sensor are optional
    285 driven axle 7.50R15
    485 Basic structure Housing section Max output torque (N.m) Tread Spring distance (mm) Tyre
    Welding housing 135x150x14mm
    50000 1820- 1860 970- 1030 12.0-20/ 11.0-20
    Rating load (kg) Tyre bolt Bolt circle Brake spec Ratio range Optional Configuration
    10-M22x1.5 D335mm Drum/ disc brake D410x220/ 22.5″ 3.07/ 3.42/ 3.73/ 4.11/ 4.44/ 4.88/ 5.29/ 5.57/ 6.33 ABS, auto-regulation arm. LMS wheel-end, disc brake
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